What to Do While Praying or Prayerwalking ...

1. Open your eyes; ask God to help you see with His eyes.

2.  Open your ears; listen for God's whispered cues - expect Him to highlight truths you have hidden in your heart and apply them to what is around you. Practice silence as you listen to God's Spirit.

3.  Pray together. Seek to consciously follow and reinforce prayers lifted by others you are praying with.

4.  Pray with Scripture. You can be confident of praying the will of God when you are praying His Word. God has breathed life into His Word and loves to bless it. He has promised that His Word will not return to Him void. Read it over and over again. 

5. Pray with relevance. Pray with sensitivity to the people and places you are actually encountering. Don't try to feel equally for every person and place you pass. Feel the freedom to extend your empathy unevenly knowing that the Lord is guiding you. 

Prayer is talking with our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus

You are about to become a bridge of blessing between heaven and earth. Don't allow any feelings of inadequacy plague you. You have indicated your willingness by your presence and God is always faithful to take us where we are and lead us. In prayer, there is no failure. 

Three components that work together while praying are:

  • Worship. Proclaim the excellencies of the name of Jesus or softly sing a song which exalts the Lord and His might power. 

  • Warfare. Prayer, and particularly prayerwalking, is a spiritual battle. You may experience an indirect onslaught of the enemy; confusion or pestering of the mind, causing thoughts to wander or telling you this isn't doing any good.  Press through these roadblocks. Realize the Lord has given you authority over the evil one. Remember, that everyplace you walk, you have been given spiritual authority to restrain, limit, and displace evil forces (Luke 10:19; Joshua 1:3).

  • Welcome. Invite God's transforming presence to permeate the locale where you are praying.​ 

In Preparation... (as offered by Steve Hawthorne in his book, Prayerwalking)

1. Open your mouth before you open your heart. Whether you sing, shout or whisper, warm up your vocal cords with praise before setting out in prayer. Put the name of Jesus on your lips. Seek to position your heart before god in fresh gratitude and blessing.

2.  Take charge of the directions your mind will go. Fix your attention on the purposes and ways and thoughts of God before you launch out. If you find your mind wandering, read Scripture out loud.

3.  Seek God for gudance at intervals; then trust that He is guiding you!

4.  Take a few minutes to connect and pray, if you are praying or prayerwalking with others. Find out if anyone is sensing/hearing anything from the Lord.

5.  Take your stance before the Father, enthroned in highest heaven through the blood and priestly excellence of Jesus. 

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What to pray...

1.  Pray for God's Glory. Pray that God would work so that He would be honored, adored, lifted up, revealed and praised by name among our society.

2.  Pray for God's Kingdom. Pray with expectance for the coming of some measure of heaven's liberating dominion amidst the people of San Antonio. 

3.  Pray for Reconciliation. Ask God to reconcile every individual to Himself. Ask God to bring reconciliation where there are offenses or breeches among the peoples of our city. 

4.  Pray for God to Release His Spirit and to Lead. Pray that God would lead families and neighborhoods into the light of His truth, rescuing them from darkness and destruction. 

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